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Message from the Chief of Police


Welcome to the Paradise Police Department website.  As Chief, I am extremely proud of the men and women who make up the department and serve this community.  The employees and volunteers of this department are committed to providing quality public safety services to our community.  We continue to do our utmost to maintain our outstanding reputation, high level of personalized service, and progressive technological advances to keep Paradise citizens informed.


The Paradise Police Department is thankful to the community for its support of the department and its mission.  Most importantly, we understand it is only with the cooperation, involvement and partnerships of the citizens of Paradise that we can make our town a better and safer place to live.


We are striving to create a website that is not only a source of information, but a learning tool that will provide our community and their children with the tools to keep them safe.  Please feel free to browse our pages using the links and let us know what you think.


Gabriela F. Tazzari-Dineen, Chief of Police



The purpose of the Paradise Police Department is to serve the members of the community; to protect their lives, liberties, and property. With well-trained and professional personnel we will strive to provide our Town with a sense of safety, security, and trust. We will prepare for this responsibility by our commitment to training and community awareness.

We will serve our community with integrity, honesty, dedication, loyalty, and professionalism, while striving for excellence in all we do. We value our responsive relationship with our community.

By using our available resources, we vow to vigorously and professionally pursue those who commit crimes, and be sensitive and empathetic to those who have been victimized. We will endeavor to improve the quality-of-life in our Town.

Our people are the Department’s most valuable assets. We will promote pride and maintain an atmosphere of mutual cooperation, understanding, and teamwork. We recognize each member as an individual and treat each member with respect, dignity, and fairness.

We will prepare for the future to meet the changing needs of our Town. In all things, we will never compromise our core principles and values.





Citizen RIMS


The web page for Citizen RIMS allows the public to access the Paradise Police Department's crime data.  The idea is to make as much information as possible available in an easy to use website.  The public can access incidents by choosing specific date spans.  Crime mapping allows the public to filter types of crimes in the Town.  The Arrest log displays arrests for the past 30 days.  The public can also access recently stolen vehicles.  The website can be accessed on any computer or at the kiosk located in the lobby of the police department.



Radar Feedback Sign


Thanks to a substantial donation from the Paradise Community Council, the Police Department was able to purchase two Radar Feedback Signs.  They are powered by a solar panel and include a 12-inch LED display. 

Radar speed signs provide an effective, affordable, and ecologically friendly solution to reducing speeds. The signs provide visual speed display to remind drivers to slow down in high accident risk areas.

The signs are mobile and can be installed at different locations within the Paradise Community for maximum exposure and effectiveness.






Officer, Dispatcher, and Civilian Employee of the Year



 Officer of the Year 2013 - Jake Smith  




Dispatcher of the Year 2013 - Meghan McGee 



 Civilian Employee of the Year 2013

 Community Service Officer Charlie Rollo







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Gabriela Tazzari-Dineen
Chief of Police
530-872-4950 fax

Al Billington
Lieutenant - Services
530-872-4950 fax

Steve Rowe
Lieutenant - Operations
530-872-4950 fax

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